A tailored design approach that is both bold and intricate.
Warm, detail-oriented service extending from the beautiful Japanese culture.

HEARTS New York constantly strives to improve the quality of both skill and service, and seeks to contribute to both the individual and society as proud hair stylists.


It may take some courage to visit a new salon, and if you decide to do so, it means that you're expecting satisfaction.
So, we hair stylists should, as the first step of creating your hair style, make you feel at home, relax, and make you smile.
In order to do so, we need to understand who you are, your thoughts, your lifestyle, and what kind of a person you want to be before we start using our scissors.
Without creating this road map, we cannot reach the destination we are heading for.
In this world of global Internet and mechanization, hair styling is still created by human hands only.
We consider communication with people to be truly important, and by touching and creating your hairstyle with our hands, we hope to convey our true hearts, the warm hearted and caring feelings that we all have.

Owner / Head stylist
Yoshi Akimoto

Digital Perm
Japanese Straightening
Air Wave
Control Smoothing