Digital Perm

Digital Perm

Unlike the traditional perm, we wrap the hair around heat-emitting rods to create shape-memory curls.
Compared to the traditional perm that creates curls when wet, curls made through the Digital Perm process will reveal themselves when the hair is dry.

-Even if you were unable to recreate the curls in the past, you can easily create a soft, curly style at home.
-Your curls will last longer. *1
-You can create curls with previously chemically straightened hair. *2
-Due to the heat involved in the process, your hair is more or less likely to receive some damage.
-Due to NYC's hard water, your hair will dry out more easily after the process.

[HEARTS New York's Digital Perm]

  • -At HEARTS New York, we have prepared roughly 5 different types of products for the Digital Perm process alone.
    Since it is more important to be meticulous with chemical reactions during the Digital Perm process compared to the Straightening process, it is crucial when keeping a damage-less session in mind that your stylist is well-versed in the process and has access to a wide array of products.
    Appropriate product selection and leave-in time based on your hair type will not only affect the shine and manageability of your hair post-treatment, it will also lead to dryness prevention and long-lasting curls weeks after the process.
  • -Prior to wrapping hair around the rods, we use a moisturizing and heat-protecting treatment as mid-process prevention. By doing this, we greatly minimize the amount of what would otherwise be severe damage that a heated rod (Approximately 248 degrees) on your hair for over twenty minutes can do.
  • -The skill that is required of a stylist during the Digital Perm process--
    [Appropriate product selection]
    [Accurate leave-in time]
    [Meticulous heat processing skills]

Please experience the difference in quality, born from respect towards our work.

  1. *1-- Results may differ due to your style and amount of prior hair damage. Curls will last for approximately two to three months.
  2. *2-- Based on the state of your hair, personal curl results may vary.
Digital Perm
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