Control Smoothing

Control Smoothing

Your hair is too frizzy or unruly
Your hair tends to puff up and it bothers you
You are worried Japanese Straightening might make your hair too flat
Your bangs tend to float up due to the way they grew in
Your hair has lost its original shine
You are in a style rut due to the way your hair grows

-At HEARTS New York, we've prepared a brand new technique and product called Control Smoothing to deal with these exact problems.
It is useful for when you don't want pin-straight hair as a result of Japanese Straightening, but want more manageable hair or a natural style that utilizes your natural waves.
After the process, you will notice the following:

  • -Styling and blow-drying will be much easier
  • -Your hair will take on a shine and feel much softer.
  • -Your hair will not easily puff up or become frizzy on rainy days.
  • -Removing unnecessary volume will make your style look natural.
  • -Long-lasting (A month and a half to two months)

Please experience HEARTS New York's recommended technique and see for yourself.

*Control Smoothing is not a straightening perm.
Depending on your hair type and personal preference, we may recommend a straightening perm or Japanese Straightening.

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Control Smoothing