Air Wave

Air Wave

The Air Wave uses the "power of air" to control the temperature and moisture level of hair to produce incredibly natural texture.
Gorgeous, airy, and lush texture.
A silky finish that can be recreated again and again.
--Cutting edge technology born from air--
The perm styling possibilities are endless.

While the Digital Perm uses heat to create curls, the Air Wave is a brand-new technology that uses the power of air/wind to perm hair.
It's gentle on your hair, and you can expect a silky, lush finish.
Like the Digital Perm, the curls reappear when you dry your hair.
We especially recommend it for people who have experienced dryness using the Digital Perm process.

-Even if you were unable to recreate the curls in the past, you can easily create a soft, curly style at home. (We especially recommend this for people who want loose curls or a silky finish.)
-Your curls will last longer. *1
-Since it uses the power of air, your hair received very little damage during the process.
-The process cannot be performed on hair that has been chemically straightened.
-Due to NYC's hard water, your hair will dry out more easily after the process.
-The process can be time consuming. Noise from the machine may be loud. *2

[HEARTS New York's Air Wave]

  • -Waves are created by manipulating a layer called the cortex in your hair, and rearranging the cuticles that cover each strand of hair.
    While traditionally permed hair can take on a more or less dry, frizzy appearance, the Air Wave process substantially minimizes the damage. Some people have even felt that their hair was softer to the touch post-treatment.
    However, the quality of our machinery would be meaningless if the products used were low-grade, or we did not have the ability to make an accurate selection.
    At HEARTS New York Salon, we work exclusively with products by high-end brands, and by creating a custom mix, we are able to control damage and accurately respond to every hair type (such as volume, length, and processing history).
    By eliminating excessive damage risk, we maximize the potential of the Air Wave.
  • -HEARTS New York takes every step possible to minimize the risks.
    [Appropriate product selection]
    [Accurate leave-in time]
    [Meticulous heat processing skills]

Please experience the difference in quality, born from respect towards our work.

  1. *1-- Results may differ due to your style and amount of prior hair damage. Curls will last for approximately two to three months.
  2. *2-- Processing time including a hair cut will take around 3 to 3 and a half hours.
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